Fly to Burning Man with Centurion Flight Services

Kodiak Journey to Burning Man with Centurion Flight Services and eliminate the arduous drive and long lines at the GATE - both arriving and departing. The unforgettable experience will make you think twice about ever driving again.

Along the way, experience the sight of spectacular desert landscapes, breathtaking vistas of Pyramid Lake, rugged mountains, and the stark beauty of the Playa. You may also see wildlife including wild mustangs, antelope, mule deer, and more, from a perspective unlike any other.




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Many Reasons to Choose CFS

Group flights are available from most any airport, anywhere. Inquire if you are from an area other than those listed. Your fare will be priced as appropriate from the departure airport.

Don't miss a day... Fly to/from untimely scheduled meetings/appointments that must be attended during the Festival allowing you to take care of business yet, be at Burning Man the same day.

Wildlife and Desert Landscape Aerial Tours
available during flight out or back as well as specific flights for the same. Aerial tours en route to or returning from Burning Man will be charged as an addition to the regular rates, if extra time is spent in the process. Expect to see wild horses and antelope. Sometimes desert mule deer appear as well. Pyramid Lake and other stark desert landscapes are spectacular. Please inquire as to the cost as it depends upon the length of flight.

Meticulous Maintenance
and Top Level Pilots

Our aircraft are meticulously maintained in accordance with FAA requirements for Air Carrier Aircraft. Our Director of Maintenance is the 2010 Western Region Award winner for Maintenance Technician of the Year. This is given only for the consistent impeccable maintenance conducted on aircraft.

Our pilots are all high flight-time, experienced corporate and airline transport pilots with extensive experience in mountain, desert and back country operations. All of our pilots possess over 30 years of individual flying experience.


*Call for special pricing on Grass Valley


Per-seat pricing will not be available on these flights. Passengers may wish to flightshare and pay the appropriate pro-rata portion of the total fare.

San Francisco International and San Jose charter prices are available at a surcharge to cover landing fees and traffic delays associated with these airports. North Bay charters available at a slightly higher rate as well, e.g., APC, DVO.

A fuel surcharge may be charged based upon cost of fuel at the time of the festival (expect an increase of no more than $10/seat or $50 for the 206 or $70 for the Kodiak).

Limits upon amount of gear/baggage are stringently enforced. It is best, if you can, to send your gear with someone you trust who is driving. Limited space is available for backpacks and other carry on gear.

Number of passengers aboard each aircraft will be based upon their weights and how much gear is carried. The pilot will be the final determinant of the safety limits of the aircraft load.

Centurion Flight Services is not liable for postponed or cancelled flights due to weather or other safety issues that impede our ability to complete the flight(s).

Any fees imposed by the Burning Man Organization after 7/16/16 will be added to the rate.

Federal Excise Tax (FET) is 7.5% of non-taxed rate for flights in the Kodiak. There is also a Segment Tax of $3.70 per passenger per leg for flights in the Kodiak.

Explanation of airport identifiers follows: